High Visibility Heavy Duty ESD Heel Grounders with Velcro Adjustment

Yellow heel grounder, conductive double sided 1 med resistor with velcro closure
Item Weight: 1 lb
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The high visibility iridescent yellow ESD heel grounders make it easy to see who is wearing their straps and who is NOT! They feature a generous Velcro hook and loop over the ankle fastening system for a secure fit on virtually any size shoe or boot. Our Heavy Duty scuff resistant heel cups are designed with an iridescent yellow nylon/elastic blend (that contacts the back of the shoe) and a two layer industrial grade rubber consisting of an internal white layer (that contacts the sole of the shoe) and an external non slip conductive black layer (that contacts the ESD floor) and provides optimum ESD control and extended durability.

These heel straps easily meet the most stringent of specifications and are compliant with ANSI ESD S20.20-2014 standards. They may be used as an integral component in meeting the 97.2 standards (charge generation under 100 volts) that are mandatory in 2016.The high quality hypoallergenic conductive ribbon provides reliable performance while our double stitching techniques and an internally integrated 1 megohm resistor provides long lasting security and protection.

Our complete line of ESD heel and sole grounders are designed to provide a continuous ground path between the technician’s body and ESD flooring. ESD heel grounders easily provide the same level of static protection as wearing an ESD wrist strap yet are perfect where user mobility is a must. ESD heel grounders are considered a compliant and viable option to wrist straps for all standing operators. They are not recommended as a primary ground source for seated technicians. ESD heel straps must be worn on both feet and the grounding ribbon tucked inside the shoe with as much contact as possible to the bottom of the stocking foot. This conductive ribbon (shown as a silver ribbon in the photo) relies on the perspiration in the shoe to sustain the electrical continuity between the technician and the flooring. Should a heel strap not test properly simply tuck the ribbon between the sock and the ankle.



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