Static Solutions Elastic Adjustable Wrist Strap SS-WS-1020 - Blue

SKU SS-WS-1020-B
  • Fast and Easy Installation, one size fits most wrists.
  • Non-slip band can be fitted to any size wrist
  • Available with either 4mm or 10mm snap
  • Acrylic nylon band engineered for superior conductivity, comfort and wear resistance.
  • No carbon sloughing: safe for most applications
  • Stainless steel buckle: no allergic reactions
  • Urethane tinsel wire coil cord, 10 ft length
  • Machine strap
  • Anti-bacterial
Item Weight: 1 lb
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Static Solutions Elastic Adjustable Wrist Strap SS-WS-1020 

ESD S1.1 standard recommends the use of static control wrist straps to complete an effective ESD control system. Normal activity builds harmful static charges, if an ungrounded user makes contact with a static sensitive device the result can be costly and damaging. Ohm-Stat wrist straps safely dissipate harmful charges with guaranteed long lasting protection. 

Arm yourself with the highest grade protection of Ohm-Stat Wrist Straps. Only the Ohm-Stat Series offers long lasting, high quality wrist straps with innovative design on a price conscience schedule. Static Solutions wrist straps are proudly made with quality control and 20/20 conformance. They are individually packed with instructions for user convenience. They are easily cleaned with a mild detergent. 

  • Patent protected #6,426,859 B1
  • Available in blue, and fluorescent green
  • Fabric-locked to prevent slippage
  • Medical grade 300 series stainless steel - eliminates skin reactions
  • Non-contaminating fabric band material
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • UL listed
  • One megohm current-limiting safety resistor in each cord
  • Copper chemically bonded to acrylic nylon fibers
  • Unparalleled corona discharge



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